Don't just be another forgotten track

Don't just be another forgotten track

Music Promotion

Music Promotion

Promotion and marketing can be the difference between a successful record or being "just another track". Label Engine's suite of promotional tools will boost your social media presence and get your music heard by the people that matter most.

Music Promotion


Unlimited emails


Unlimited emails

Send visually-stunning, custom emails to all of your DJ, tastemaker, radio station, and blog contacts to show them your new release. Recipients can select their favorite song, rate the release, leave their feedback, and download zip or wav files directly or via Dropbox. Track the campaign results and generate clean PDFs to show the responses to artists or music stores. Our platform gets your music to the right people!

Make More From Your Music

Customize your campaign, and grow your

Get started

Import your contacts from Outlook, csv, or excel files. Quickly organize them into lists.

GDPR Compliant

Mailing list invites mean you don’t need to worry about spamming restrictions.

Automatic branding

Emails and pages adapt automatically to match your release artwork, or style them yourself!

Make it your own

Create previews of tracks so recipients can skip intros and outros. Attach press packages, videos, or any additional artwork.

Customize your campaign, and grow your business!

Track and analyze your campaigns with actionable, detailed analytics

Promo system

Recipients have access to our fully-featured promo system allowing easy access to your label's releases.

See every detail

Get a detailed overview of activity with our dashboard. Be notified when a recipient leaves feedback.

Scheduled promos

Send your promos instantly, at a specified time, or give recipients a unique link via social media.

Share your success

Include existing recipient feedback for a release in future campaigns. Share live feedback with artists using a secure URL.

More than just emails

Video generation

Automatically create videos from your releases.

SoundCloud upload

Save time by uploading to SoundCloud directly through Label Engine.

Podcast Hosting

We host your podcast and generate an RSS feed to be supplied to Apple Podcasts.

Share pages

Share your releases with private links and password protection.

More than just emails

Learn more about


Music distribution made easy!

Upload your music directly to over 100 stores worldwide including Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.


Fast, easy and hassle free!

Our royalty accounting system helps you in managing the heavy load within minutes!

Demo Management

Let us help you find the next big hit!

Potential artists can submit demos through a configurable submission page or a dedicated email.